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Chapter 1: Needs and Roadblocks in Tissue Engineering

Organ Donor Fact Sheet

NIH Intro to Tissue Engineering

Promoting Convergence in Biomedical Research

Vascularization by Miranda Goldman, Jemima Lamothe, Brittany Forkus, and Julia Tomaszweski

Vascularization by Jemima Lamothe, Brittany Forkus, and Julia Tomaszweski

Salamander Limb Regeneration and Implications with Tissue Engineering by Jason Ballenas

Chapter 2: Stem Cells in Tissue Engineering

Bone Marrow Transplants, by Erinn Dandley, Max Nowak and Jean Smith

Hematopoietic stem cells by Michael Grunwald

Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Tissue Engineering by Chelsea Orefice


CellEct Bio (Stem Cell Therapy), by Dan Ganz

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering, by Emma Durkee

Treating Spinal Cord Injuries with Stem Cells, by Lauren Timmins and Nicole Raia

Cord Blood Banking by Tiankai Zhang

Engler, MSCs and stiffness pubmed link
Transplanting HSCs pubmed link
Comprehensive stem cell review pubmed link
Seminal iPSC paper pubmed link
Geron's ESC-to-oligodendrocyte pubmed link
ESCs from blastocysts pubmed link

Chapter 3: The Extracellular Matrix

Adhesion and stem cell differentiation pubmed link
The Extracellular Matrix at a glance

Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering, by Thomas Fernberg and Julia Tomaszewski

Degradable Sutures, by Cody Siroka

Fibrous Gel, by Singyuk Hou

Decellularized Organs, by Akarawin Hongdusit, James Fargnoli and Matteen Hakim

Collagen Biomaterials by Hieu La

Matrigel Biomaterials by Steven A

Cell Adhesion and Integrins by Bry Dague

Chapter 4: Biomaterials

Mechanical Properties of Cells and Tissues

Huebsch and Mooney, Biomaterials pubmed link

Poly(ethylene glycol)-based Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering, by D. Ezra Aurian-Blajeni

Drug Eluting Polymers and their Applications, by Eric Stowe

PLA, PGA, and PLGA as biomaterials, by Colton Kenny

Titanium as a Biomaterial by William Doherty

Ceramic Biomaterials, by Jon Velez

Drug-Eluting NanoPolymers by Gladys Saruchera

Spider Silk as a Biomaterial by Ruoting Wang

Natural Biomaterials by Isabel Hand

PCL Biomaterials by Katie Kwan

Injectable Biomaterials by Sydney Foster

Controlling T-Cell Activation with Biomaterials by Uday Prakhya

Degradable Biomaterials for Cell Delivery by Timothy Sullivan

Porous Biomaterials by Hanna Naquines

Chapter 5: Structural Tissue Replacements

Tissue Engineered Cartilage, by Christine Davis

Knee Replacements, by David Ferreira

Carticel by Tom Fernberg

ACL Reconstruction, by Anthony Valle and Roger D. Morin

Hip Replacements, by Matthew Osso and Matthew Bannon

Endochondral ossification for bone tissue engineering by Carey Dougan

In Vivo Mechanical Stimulation of Tissues by Tyler Russell

Chapter 6: Tissue Engineering in the Cardiovascular System

Pacemakers, by Chris Carr, Anthony LaViola, David Triffletti, and Denise Buciuman-Coman

Pacemaker, by Chris Carr

Artificial Hearts, by Manuel Escanciano and Charles Beyrouthy

Pacemakers, by Anthony LaViola and David Triffletti

Artificial Heart Valves, by Nicole Raia and David Ferreira

Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts, by Tyler Vlass and Leonard Brandon

Stents by Shayna Nolan, Abigail Sossen and Ryan Colombo

Chapter 7: Immunology

Graft vs. Host Disease - Marissa Burgess, Marco Yeung

Autografts vs Xenografts vs Allografts

Macrophages and Their Interactions with Engineered Tissues, by Veronica Murray

The Microbiome by Brandon Morgan

Chapter 8: Cell Migration

Modeling Interstitial flow pubmed link
Haptokinesis, migration pubmed link
first stiffness/migration paper pubmed link
Durotaxis (2D Gradients) ACS link
Biphasic Durokinesis pubmed link

The Actin Cytoskeleton of the Cell by Jeremy Keys

The Actin Cytoskeleton of the Cell by Laura Feeley and Jeremy Keys

Durotaxis and its role in directing engineering tissue development by Tyler Kimball

Haptotaxis and its role in directing engineering tissue development by Jake Adelman

Chemotaxis and its role in directing engineered tissue development, by Julie Boshar

Electrospun Materials: By Emma Klinkhamer

Electrospun Materials: By Helen Hua and Emma Klinkhamer

Microtubules by Jessica Belliveau

Intermediate Filaments by Lina Wu

Chapter 9: Imaging

Nature Outlook on Enhanced Medical Vision Nature link
Nature Outlook on Alzheimer's Nature link
Nature Outlook on Tomography Nature link
Nature Outlook on Computer Aided Imaging Nature link
Nature Outlook on Image Storing Nature link
Brief Overview of Imaging

Atomic Force Microscopy, by Matthew Tiller

MRI and fMRI Imaging, by Cory Thomas

Ultrasound Imaging, by Mark Pagkaliwangan

CT Imaging, by Elizabeth Swanson

PET Imaging by Kylee Klinkowski

Chapter 10: Case Studies in Tissue Engineering

Artificial Skin, by Katie Geldhart and Timothy Ma

Dialysis, by Kyle Reed and Brian Kennedy

Neural Tissue Engineering, by Jonathan Hummel

Artificial Trachea by Megan Greiner, Ian Costello, and Chris Carr

Glucose Sensors by Ian Buchholz

Glucose sensor by Vy Vu and Ian Buchholz

Artificial Pancreas and Islet Cell Culture, by Alan Mann

Artificial Vertebrae, by Andy Kim, Daniel Kosteva, Matthew McNulty

Artificial Bladder by David Raimondi

Tissue Engineered Pancreas, by Sarah Johnson, Alan Mann

Tissue Engineered Liver by Brittany Shepler, Thomas McCarthy

Tissue Engineered Spleen by Ronen Zeidel, John Vetrano

Opthalmic Tissue Engineering by Kyle Pariseau

Tissue Engineered Cartilage by Christine Davis and Sydney Phillipo

Pigs as Animal Models in Tissue Engineering by Matthew Long

Mice as Animal Models in Tissue Engineering by Jack LaBelle

Rats as Animal Models in Tissue Engineering by Cora Ricker

Plants as Tissue Engineering Models by Cora Ricker

Chapter 11: In Vitro Tissue Engineering and Untapped Potential

Origami Tissue Engineering, by Adam Ramey

Synthetic Organs on a Chip, by Manuel Escanciano and Chris Lowe

Arthritis and rheumatic diseases by Stephanie Polar

3D Bioprinting by Andrew Mason, Thanh Nguyen and Luke Blauch

Photolithography:Patterned Surfaces by Adlina

Bioreactor Culture: Mechanical Stimulation of Engineered Tissue by Elizabeth Humble

Seminal People and Events

Bob Langer by Prateek Katti

Buddy Ratner by Brandon Johnston

Ear on a Mouse, by Brittany Forkus

Linda Griffith by Adam Murphy

Devices and Companies that Support Tissue Engineering

Bioreactors for Tissue Engineering, by Varun Chalupadi and Anthony Sanford

Bioreactors for Tissue Engineering, by Varun Chalupadi, Anthony Sanford and Blayne Sarazin

Vivitro Labs Inc. by Oluwaseyi Daniyan

Organogenesis by Chris Lowe

Remote Patient Monitoring by Michael Mulroy

Stereolithography by Brian Cain

Regeneron by Jacob Kellett

Genentech by Md Shafiul Hossain

Genentech by Md Shafiul Hossain and Ryan Thorpe

Organovo by Charit Tippareddy

The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering by Nick Sant

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