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Ilya 16:19, 2 May 2008 (EDT): Here's an interesting (and working) DIY bio concept: BioBus

DIYbio as an OWW Section and not a single page

Bill Flanagan ( at MIT) 09:08, 28 April 2009 (EDT) I'd like to build out the current DIYbio page into a section. The main page is pretty information laden. I think we would do better with a single set of categories and pages for DIY bio that could use this or a similar page as the front section page. As a matter of fact, I'd like to use the existing OWW categories but work with the DIYbio folk to help drive the definitions of the other categories that don't get a lot of attention. One problem we all have (except for me!) is that we can assume what we know is already known to others. I use myself as an exception since I'm here to serve the community from the IT perspective and KNOW I do not know a lot about the research domain. I rely on you folks to set the direction and provide content mastery. I learn a lot here; I can only suspect a lot of other people can do the same with the right structure and/or assistance from people like you.

I'll be glad to provide extensions, etc. to facilitate this but have to rely on the members to make this into something useful to yourselves as well as the people coming in from Google and Yahoo

I'd also like to, where appropriate, provide a way to provide a context for the kind of knowledge being aggregated in this section to the rest of OWW.



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