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DIYbio FAQ v1.5: "The biohacker's FAQ"

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Educational Kits - Basic (Grade School and above)

  • Discovery Exclusive DNA Explorer Kit
    • See Discovery store or amazon, etc.
  • Planet Toys Worldwide, Ltd, CSI DNA Lab
    • See online stores like amazon, etc

Educational Kits - Intermediate (High school / Undergraduate College and above)

  • DNA Wizard Kit: ""extract DNA from a fruit, probe and spool real DNA , build a double helix, solve a chromosome puzzle, play the gene construction game, and more!""

  • Virginia Tech's Biotech in a Box: ""DNA Biotechnology Kit contains the equipment and materials for students to pour agarose gels and use them to analyze DNA. The Introduction to Immunology Kit contains background materials on basic immunology, with emphasis on using antibodies as tools in research and in diagnostic tests. The kit features a technique widely used in medicine, drug testing, and forensics: the ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbant Assay). Column chromatography is a technique commonly used to purify proteins, both in research labs and in the biotechnology industry. The Column Chromatography Kit contains materials for running three types of chromatographic columns: gel filtration, which separates molecules by size; ion exchange, which separates based on charge; and reverse phase, which separates molecules based on polarity. The Protein Electrophoresis Kit contains all of the material needed to perform polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) of proteins. ""

Educational Kits - Advanced (College / Professional)

Professional Kits

DIY Liquid Handling Kit

Opentrons is a open platform liquid handling platform that offer a simple, robust DIY kit for users. The system runs on open source software. All Hardware is off the shelf or 3D print part. Complete DIY kit will be offered or you can download the BOM to build yourself.