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A project of DIYoutreach, a collaboration between DIYbiologists and synthetic biologists [1]

This is a directory of DIYbiologists, synthetic biologists, and professors are interested in creating enriching activities for high schools and the capacity in which they would like to help. This is meant as a resource to allow teachers to contact you directly to setup or propose collaborations. If you do not have an openwetware account, you may send your info to (diyoutreach at gmail dot com) with the subject heading DIYvolunteer.


Volunteer: Julie Norville
Date: (signed up) January 26, 2009-(expects to be active till) 2010
Bio: a graduate student at MIT 
Contact: diyoutreach at gmail dot com 
(if you do not want this listed, you may put confidential-contact DIYoutreach and send your contact info to 
diyoutreach at gmail dot com)
Interests: Developing cheap biological tools and teaching materials
University affiliations: MIT (current), Caltech (alumna)
Geographical location: Boston area

If you do not want your name listed online you may create a confidential entry (and if desired send your info to diyoutreach at gmail dot com):

Info: confidential-make contact through DIYoutreach
Bio: Professor at Harvard (or in Boston area)
Interests: Would like to create an outreach program in the Boston area, if grant is funded
Geographical location: Boston area