DIYbio:Notebook/Open Gel Box 2.0/2008/12/15

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  1. Norman
    • summary & background
  2. Mike
    • prototype gel box via python script
    • script enables rapid prototyping
  3. Norman
    • explain LED lighting
    • explain pre-filter post-filter for light
  4. Jim
    • sub-assembly hard to put-together parts
  5. Mike
    • flat packs (with pre-cut pieces) ready for assembly
    • "Ikea" gel box

List of boxes we like

List of components:

  • LED lighting
  • Built-in casting system
  • Liquid level control

Action Items

  • Everyone: proofread/update RFC
  • Mike: get some sample color gel pieces
  • Norman: test gel pieces
  • Jim: look into electrodes
  • Tito: look for laser cutter around Sacramento
  • Next Meeting Sunday Dec. 21st, 10amHST/12amPST/3pmEST


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