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Great chat everyone! Just to recap (more below), we talked mostly about Conferences, DIY hardware, and diybio certification (bioterror vs. bioerror).

I'm would really like it if we could continue to regularly communicate. I think a great way to keep it up isn't to just chat with each other on the mailing list, but to have a regular time we all simultaneously communicate, if only for a 10 minutes about lightweight stuff.

So how about we all check in again *briefly* next tuesday the 16th at 7 o'clock. Hopefully we'll have a couple of more participants that time (JCline, Kay Aull, Jason Kelly, Alec Nielsen, etc)


  • Mac Cowell
  • Jason Bobe
  • Jason Morrison
  • Meredith Patterson


9 dec 2008 ~7:00 pm EST: Skype + TokBox (worked beautifully!)


  • 30 second introductions
  • review and revise agenda
  • Boston folks introduce projects for 5 min: diyGEM team, SmartLab, & BioWeatherMaps
  • San Fran folks introduce projects for 5 min: GloGurt, diyGEM team?
  • Seattle folk talk about projects for 5 min: ???
  • Evaluate timeline for posting on about each project
  • Talk about lots of other issues:
    • Press
    • Workspaces (start garage lab, start public lab, team up with local school, etc.)
    • Funding
    • SynBERC-sponsored videos
    • elaborate on previously described projects
    • everything else anyone wants to talk about


  • Conferences / events DIYbio could participate in
  • Cambridge Science Festival (deadline this fri)
  • CodeCon (Len would like to organize day 3 around biohacking?)
  • BioSysBio (abstracts due 12 Jan 09)
  • DIYforCHI (submitted & accepted)
  • iGEM 2009 (we'll be working directly with them to define how amateur teams participate)
  • CCC
  • O'Reilly ETECH
  • DIY Hardware / Equipment (showstopping iGEM projects for sure)
    • Sonoporator
    • Electroporator
    • OD600 / nanodrop (diydrop)
    • Combined Gel Box + Transilluminator
    • autoclave?
    • others?

BioSafety & BioSecurity

"Won't diybio enable tomorrows bioterrorists?"

  • ultralights vs. flightschool (dedicated terrorists won't be amateurs)
  • better to live in world w/ lots of experts (99.999999999% who are well intentioned)
  • wrong focus: bioerror way bigger threat than bioterror
  • we believe in certification programs; they impose constraints, but increase the ability of people to do the activity because it is explicity allowed

model rocketry

  • ham radio
  • recreational diving
  • ultralight flying
  • Food for thought: what activites are allowed without a license? Exploratory bio, sure, but what about transforming dna purchased from the already-regulated synthesis companies?

That's about it. I'd like to schedule a group chat specifically about diygem teams this thursday evening est - does that work for everyone interested (alec, jasonm, meredith, etc.)?


Action Items

  • Cambridge Sci Fest. deadline this fri
  • BioSysBio Jan 12
  • diygem conf call coming up this thurs