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Filling the pressure sterilizer

  • Fill the outer container with 3/4" to 1" inch of water (~1.3 L)
  • Fill the inner basket with the stuff to autoclave. Loosen bottle caps and add autoclave tape to each item
  • Put the inner basket into the outer container. Align the steam-tube chimney with the steam tube dangling from the inner lid.
  • Close the lid. Tighten two knobs at a time, choosing pairs across from one another
  • open the pressure-relief valve by flipping it upright (not at an angle)

Heating the pressure sterilizer

  • Place the "Bayou Classic" propane burner *outside* on a concrete surface. Attach the propane tank. Check for leaks.
  • To light the "Bayou Classic" propane burner, close the air-control ring around the gas line so there is just a crack
  • Open the propane tank valve. Bring a flame to the burner, holding your hand underneath it. Slowly crack open the regulator valve.
  • After ignition, open the air-control ring and regulator valve to achieve a jet-like flame.
  • Wait 2 minutes after the plume of steam released from the valve is continuous, then flip the release valve shut. It should be roughly at a 90-degree angle.
  • Pay close attention to the pressure gauge: *it only takes 5 minutes to heat the pressure-sterilizer to 20 PSI*, which is the upper limit of the safe operating range.
  • When the pressure approaches 17 PSI, turn the regulator valve almost all the way off, to achieve a low-pressure, orange flame. Reduce the air-control ring's air gap.
  • Maintain 17-19 PSI for 10 minutes. This is equivalent to 126 C or 259 F.

Emptying the Pressure Sterilizer

  • turn off the propane tank valve first. This will cause the burner to consume the propane remaining in the line. Then close the regulator valve.
  • open the pressure-control valve on the lid of the sterilizer. It should be straight up-and-down.
  • wait for the pressure to return to ambient conditions.
  • using autoclave gloves, loosen the lock nuts on the lid in a symmetrical way. Open the lid.
    • if the lid is stuck, insert a large flat-head screwdriver into the gap between the lid and body. *do not use the screwdriver as a lever.* Instead, rotate the screwdriver to the tip applies pressure to the lid.
  • remove the contents of the sterilizer. After the water cools, completely empty the sterilizer and dry it out. Leave it on its shelf with the lid cracked.