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A community lab is opening in Seattle. HiveBio will be a DIYbio space with a mission to teach biotech skills and support citizen science projects. There is a new mailing list, meetings, and we're fundraising. Bergen McMurray and Katriona Guthrie are leading the organization (cc'd).

Our fundraising page has great info about the plan. See the Microryza project page

Join the google group discussion here:!forum/hivebio-discussion

We just got the website up and it will live here:


Seattle DIYbio is a community of biological engineers from around the Puget Sound composed of students, hobbyists, and researchers from both academia and industry. The organization promotes the values of openness and responsibility and shares educational resources and techniques for do-it-yourself biological research and engineering.

See our mailing list and meeting notes.


We need inaugural Project Ideas! Please add your ideas before the next meeting.

We need a killer logo!


4/3/09 The gauntlet has been thrown! Boston DIYbio has issued a challenge. DIY or DIE, baby!

4/3/09 3rd meeting at Brouwer's

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4/19-4/20 Molecular Systems Biology of the Cell

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