DIYbio:Notebook/Open Gel Box 2.0/Materials and Costs

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The box

Acrylic - $20

Free at public lab in Boston


($100 worth to make 10-15 boxes)
  • Silver or nickel?
  • Copper turns gels blue

Cap/plug connectors for supersafe lid- $5?

Plugs: Banana -> thread (to penetrate acrylic into gel chamber) Cost ~1.25 ea @ 2 per box = $2.50

Power supply cables/leads (Plug to socket)= $12.00 ea.

Glue - $1?

Power supply - $150?

Light filter system

Tiffen Glass 4"x4" - $125

Colored acrylic?

Built-in excitation light

In Box Casting

Cutting Gasket Groove

Open Gel Box 2.0 Grooving.jpg

Groove Cutting in 1/4" Acrylic, Image under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 License

Time and Labor

Time to cut ~15 acrylic parts: 1 hr

Time to cut specialty parts (tray groove): 30 min

Time to sand/drill/glue together parts: 2 hrs

Time to solder leads: 30 min