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We met in the Back Room of the Asgard Pub in Central Square, Cambridge, MA 02139. I believe some pictures were taken (by Andrew Hessel?) - they are on facebook or flickr.

The best part of the meeting was the end - almost everyone in the room volunteered to work on some kind of DIYbio project over the next month. Without further ado, here is the TODO list. Follow the links to see the progress of each task:


  • Austin Che - Write a short prospectus on what a Bio Heath kit might contain
  • Mac Cowell, Ingrid Swanson, Jason Morrison, Benny P, Sophia - Start a Boston TECHLAB (start by writing a short prospectus)
  • John Cumbers & Jamie Gagnon - produce 1 instructional video aimed at garagistas (how to do pcr etc.)