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  • Typical Power Supply Setup in NW Lab
    • 1.2% gel is good for 100bp - 5kb (but by experience I would run 2% gel for 100-500bp)
    • The run time for 96v at 84mA for a 1000bp (see reference for typical prokaryote gene size I currently work with) band takes about 20 minutes to resolve, up to 40 minutes to get a good separation if you have multiple near-by bands.
    • 60V gets very good separation and clean looking 1kb bands, 120V runs fast but doesn't come out as well.
Measurement of voltage and milliamp in a typical TAE minigel: 3 7/16"L x 2 59/64"W x 3/8"H, in gel box measuring ~5" to ~6" from electrode to electrode.
Average Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic gene size. Xu, L. et al. Average Gene Length Is Highly Conserved in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes and Diverges Only Between the Two Kingdoms. Mol Biol Evol 23, 1107-1108(2006).

Select Typical Agarose Gel Concentrations

Agaros Conc. Resolution Range Run Length
0.8% 800 bp – 10 kb 5.8 cm
1% 400 bp – 10 kb 3.2 cm
1.2% 100 bp – 5 kb 5.8 cm
2% 100 bp – 2 kb 5.8 cm
4% 20 bp – 500 bp 5.8 cm

† Invitrogen