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13 Dec 2009 DIYbio-Boston meetup

todo: need better system for notes


  • logos: 5-10 useful icons
  • safety badge brainstorming
  • tix to outlaw bio
  • demo @ outlaw bio brainstorming
  • playing with electrophoresis
  • Charlie wants to write diybio-safety stuff on a wiki somewhere
  • openwetware?

  • meetup at epic manor on Wed dec 16 for brainstorming
  • markerboards + beer

safety badge

  • what are you doing?
    • sentence-length + link
  • what are the risks?
    • How are you managing them?
  • how do you dispose of the waste
    • links to helpful resources
  • materials list
  • Safety logo - just one
    • not an endorsement
    • conveys I thought about it
    • recycle logo; look before you leap; suggests recursion
    • no biohazard! too scary
    • preflight checklist
    • says registered + date
    • a progress bar?

BOSSlab at cambridge science fest

when: april 24-25 2010

where: BOSSLab & @ Sprout

Cost: $40

Synopsis: Explore your own genome with DIYbio Boston at the Boston Open Source Science Lab! In this workshop, you'll amplify a fragment of one of your genes and examine it with PCR for mutations. The whole procedure takes about 6 hours and can be broken up over 2 days. Come get to know your own genome better with us at the BOSSlab!

Hacking webcams into ucams