DIYbio:Meetings/16-Dec-2008 Hi-Five 2

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Great chat everyone! Just to recap (more below), everyone gave a super fast overview of a project they are working on; we talked about Conferences; where a diygem team could work; and biosafety issues.

It was a great call, even if skype and tokbox flaked out on us a little bit.


  • add links to the projects listed below next to your names
  • use doodle to schedule next meeting
  • review and add to the Action Items section


Also, you can find a log of the chat session here

Attendees: (and project)


16 dec 2008 ~7:00 pm EST: Skype + TokBox (worked ok - skype crashed once, not everyone had a cam)


  • introductions + 30 seconds about your DIYbio project
  • review and revise agenda
  • Possible Discussion Topics:
    • opportunities for presenting diy work (as discussed at last meeting)
    • SynBERC Student Leadership Council (SLC) sponsored video project
    • locations for a boston diy iGEM team to work - see action items
    • safety, hardware, press, funding, website, igem project brainstorming, and more!


BioSafety & BioSecurity

this summary is from last meeting - please add your thoughts as discussed "Won't diybio enable tomorrows bioterrorists?"

  • ultralights vs. flightschool (dedicated terrorists won't be amateurs)
  • better to live in world w/ lots of experts (99.999999999% who are well intentioned)
  • wrong focus: bioerror way bigger threat than bioterror
  • we believe in certification programs; they impose constraints, but increase the ability of people to do the activity because it is explicity allowed

model rocketry

  • ham radio
  • recreational diving
  • ultralight flying
  • Food for thought: what activites are allowed without a license? Exploratory bio, sure, but what about transforming dna purchased from the already-regulated synthesis companies?

That's about it. I'd like to schedule a group chat specifically about diygem teams this thursday evening est - does that work for everyone interested (alec, jasonm, meredith, etc.)?


Action Items

  • Mac: get project description q/a from each person via email
  • Mac: start list that keeps track of calls for "biohacking papers, presentations, posters, etc"
  • Jason M: draft email to Biogen Idec about DIYbio field trip
  • eveyone: use doodle to schedule next meeting