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This is a list of equipment typically needed in a molecular biology lab. It was included in a posting, Using eBay to set up a molecular biology lab: costs less than $1000!.

The list:

  • Microcentrifuge - about $1500+
  • Pippetors - various volumes (new would cost about $300+ each)
  • Gel Box - about $500+
  • Powerpack - about $500+
  • Heating apparatus (dry heat) - about $600+
  • Incubator (ambient and up for e.coli work) - depending on size, at least $2000+
  • Transilluminator - about $700+
  • PCR machine - at least $2000 for a crappy one. Most reliable brands start at around $4000+

More equipment and hints for building equipment are listed in DIYbio FAQ: Equipment.

To anyone who's interested please add to or annotate the list. Add other comments as well. Use the DIYbio:Equipment talk page for comments but please make all content changes above.

We can break this out as a table and downloadable spreadsheet as well as creating categories that will be used to identify page containing information about them.

Let's use this as a template for a new top-tier OWW category that will hopefully link a lot of the existing equipment references together. To do this, we may be able to move toward a more auto-tagged approach. But for now, we're relying on the self-interest of the DIY Bio folks to pool this info for your own collective self-interest.

We're interested in using these as a basis to also do the following:

  • Provide a way to track auctions of the same kind of equipment.
  • Allow for a way to view the equipment used in various OWW labs
  • Provide a basis for discussions of specific equipment

(add more possible reasons here!)

It also provides a good way to know what people do with equipment that may be the focus of DIY projects.