DIYbio:Hi-Five/03-02-09 Tito and Marnia

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Feburary 4th, 2009 ~10 pm PST: Phone


  • Talk about a core "message" for DIYbio
  • Schedule next DIYbio SF meeting

Attendees: (and project)

  • Tito Jankowski
  • Marnia Johnston


Core Message for DIYbio

"What is the goal of the Monitor interviews?"

  • We don't really know
  • We want to clarify some things, such as how many DIYbiologists exist and what their accomplishments are. For one, we don't have a lab yet and neither Marnia or Tito have done any experiments - things are very much still in their infancy
  • For the Monitor workshop in March, presenters need a common message throughout
  • We will invite Monitor to our next DIYbio meetup


"When is our next meeting?"

  • Noisebridge - Marnia will find out
  • Spencer's house

Action Items

  • Marnia: Chat with Nils on Wednesday, invite him to DIYbio meetup
  • Marnia: Contact Noisebridge about DIYbio meetup on Saturday at 1 pm
  • Meet with Mac tomorrow night