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founded by Julie Norville, a synthetic biologist at MIT [1]

Are you a DIYbiologist, synthetic biologist, professor, or high school student who is interested in getting kids interested in science by designing or helping them perform real biology and biological engineering experiments?

If you are a DIYbiologist, then as a member of DIYoutreach you may be interested in creating cheap experiments or protocols that highschool students could use, showing a local teacher how to perform DIYbio experiments so that they can bring them to a classroom environment, or partnering with local teachers to enrich their science programs.

If you are a high school science teacher and you want to enrich your science courses in a high tech, low cost way then you may be interested in DIYoutreach.

If you a professor who already performs science outreach as a part of your grants but would like to help students around the country or around the world, then you may be interested in DIYoutreach.

Current projects:

ShoestringBiology2.0 [2]

The goal is to create a new version of the classic resource manual Shoestring Biotechnology [3] focused on cheap technologies 
for bioengineering and synthetic biology.  Much of the work that DIYbiologists are doing would be of interest for this effort 
since DIYbiologists face some of the same constraints that teachers face in if they want to add enriching science and engineering 
activities to their classrooms.  Anyone may contribute (see instructions on the ShoestringBiology2.0 wiki [4],) and the best
selections will be chosen to create a new resource manual for teachers.
DIYvolunteers: Volunteer Directory for DIYoutreach [5]

A directory of DIYbiologists, synthetic biologists, and professors would be interested in creating enriching activities for high schools
and the capacity in which they would like to help.
DIYteachers: Teacher Directory for DIYoutreach [6]

A directory of teachers who are interested in new teaching opportunities such as using the new ShoestringBiology2.0
resource to enrich their classrooms, are interested in partnering with professors to create new activities in their classrooms, 
or would be interested in taking part in training that would give them new perspectives on teaching biology and bioengineering 
in their classrooms.