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In progress...

High Level Requirements

  1. The Open Thermal Cycler (OTC) shall allow users to replicate DNA
  2. "" software must allow users to load settings manually
  3. "" hardware must support a range of temperatures from X to Y
  4. "" may be accessible through a web interface
  5. "" may allow users to load pre-configured settings
  6. "" may allow users to know if the machin

  1. Perhaps the operator doesn't know (or care) how the machine is actually cycling - if the protocol has been verified, the task is to run it, get the result & move on. -- Jonathan Cline

Response: Many PCRs are more complicated than that unfortunately, the melting temperature (Tm) of the primer-DNA is just an estimate and often the annealing temp. needs adjusting with each template and primer used. Likewise the extension time is also often adjusted depending on the product length in order to speed up the total time it takes to run, -- John Cumbers