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This is an overview of the device designs that are currently available from this repository. If you would like to have your design(s) added to the repository, then please register to edit OpenWetWare and add it to the repository yourself, following the templates of the already available designs. Alternatively, you can email your design (in CAD format) and a brief description to us at the addresses found here.

If you have used a design that you have downloaded from DropBase and would like to contribute some usage notes then please add them in the indicated section of the appropriate page, or email us.

Device modules by function


Droplet generation

A variety of different flow-focusing junctions can be found here with varying nozzle sizes and numbers of inlets.

2 inlets devices

3 inlets devices

4 inlets devices

50 µm electrosorter.jpg

Droplet sorting

  • Fluorescence Activated Droplet Sorters (FADS)
    FADS device 1
    FADS device 2
  • Absorbance Activated Droplet Sorters (AADS)
    AADS device 2
  • Image Activated Droplet Sorters (IADS)
  • ECD-2.png

    Other Designs

  • Picoinjection
    Picoinjection device 1
    Picoinjection device 2

  • Extraction
    Extraction chips

  • Publications





    • Ultrahigh-throughput–directed enzyme evolution by absorbance-activated droplet sorting (AADS). Gielen et al, PNAS, 2016