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• Two aqueous inlets device for generation of 100-200 pL droplets with a flow focusing section of 50 µm
• The height of the channels was 50 µm
• Zig-zag post generation for mixing of droplets
• Allows for mixing 2 aqueous solutions prior to generation
• "Teeths" located at the FF junction reduce jetting and satellites


Ladeveze et al, bioRxiv, 2022 https://www.biorxiv.org


  • Two aqueous inlets flow-focussing device for 100 pL droplets: png, dwg

  • Usage Notes

    • Using an oil flow of 18 µL/min together with the aqueous phases at 5 µl/min each, we generated 100 pL droplets @ 1.6kHz. Flow rates of 24µl/min for oil and 2µl/min for the aqueous phases resulted in 50pL droplets @ 1.3 kHz. SL