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Blue colour denotes fluidic channels, black – channels for ground electrode, red – signal electrode and the green colour indicates auxiliary channels for insertion of optical fibres.

Design of the integrated device used for barcoded bead and single-cell coencapsulation followed by fluorescence-activated droplet sorting. 1) Input channel for the barcoded compressible microgel loading. 2) Input channel for the cell loading, 3) input channel for, the lysis mix, 4, 5, 7) input channel for the fluorinated oil with admixed surfactant, 6) input channel for aqueous solution for generation of buffer droplets. 8) Outlet for negative droplets, 9) outlet for positive droplets.


J. De Jonghe, T.S. Kaminski et al. 'spinDrop: a droplet microfluidic platform to maximise single-cell sequencing information content', bioRxiv 2023 (https://doi.org/10.1101/2023.01.12.523500)

Designed by: Tomasz Kaminski and Joachim De Jonghe


  • Droplet generation and sorting device: png, dxf