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This repository is curated by Sean Devenish, Florian Hollfelder and Fabrice Gielen.

If you would like to contribute usage notes for any of the designs in the repository, please add them below the device design on the relevant page.

If you would like to have your design(s) added to the repository, then please register to edit OpenWetWare and add it to the repository yourself, following the templates of the already available designs. Alternatively, you can email your design (in CAD format) and a brief description to us:

Dr Sean Devenish
University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Dr Florian Hollfelder
University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Dr Fabrice Gielen
University of Exeter (United Kingdom)

Designs have been contributed by:

  • Dr Martin Fischlechner
    University of Southampton, Southampton (United Kingdom)
    Contact: m.fischlechner(at)soton.ac.uk

  • Dr Balint Kintses
    Synthetic and Systems Biology Unit, Biological Research Centre, Szeged (Hungary)
    Contact: [website]

  • Mr Pierre-Yves Colin
    University of Cambridge, Cambridge (United Kingdom)
    Contact: [website]

  • Dr Fabrice Gielen
    University of Exeter, Exeter (United Kingdom)
    Contact: [website]