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Microfluidic droplet devices
This website is a collection of microfluidic droplet device designs that are free to download and use for academic institutions. We are making these designs freely available as a service to the microdroplet research community, and would simply ask that if you use any of the designs you have downloaded please cite the corresponding reference as appropriate.

Commercial use is generally not allowed. Specific devices are protected by copyright and/or patents. Please reach out to fh111@cam.ac.uk for access to a license for use in a commercial setting.

If you would like to contribute your design(s)to the repository, then please register to edit OpenWetWare and add it to the repository yourself, following the templates of the already available designs. Alternatively, you can contact us by email with your design (in CAD format) and a brief description.

All of the designs can be downloaded in several file formats. These are:

.png is an image format useful for quickly previewing designs, and is easily opened using common image viewing software. Note that imperfections in designs viewed as .png files are artefacts that will (should) be absent in either of the CAD formats.
.dxf is R2000-2002 ASCII Drawing format.
.dwg is R2000-20002 binary format.

The .dxf and .dwg formats should be compatible with most CAD software from 2000 onward. They were saved from DraftSight – a free CAD program that can be found here or AutoCAD for Education - which can be found here