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Picoinjector 50 filters.png


• Device for picoinjection of 100 pL droplets
• The height of the channels was 50 µm
• Zig-zag post generation for mixing of droplets
• Droplet injection area contains pillars of decreasing size to filter out fibres or particles from the incoming flow of droplets prior to picoinjection


Ladeveze et al, bioRxiv, 2022 https://www.biorxiv.org


  • Picoinjector with filters for 100 pL droplets: png, dwg

  • Usage Notes

    • The last line of pillars is perfectly adapted for 100 pL droplets. We recommend using a spacing oil flow of 5 µL/min for a 3 µL/min droplet flow. The flow of picoinjection solution can be adjusted, but using a similar 3 µL/min flowrate as for the droplets reinjection, we could picoinject of 100 pL to the droplets @ 500Hz. The smallest droplets we could picoinject on this device were 50pL. Using flow rates of 5 µl/min + 1.5 µl/min + 3.5 µl/min for oil, droplets and picoinjected solution respectivelly, we could picoinject a volume of 150pL to 50pL droplets @ 340 Hz. SL