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AADS backpressure.png


• Device for sorting 200 pL droplets. They fit perfectly on the tip of the cone before joining the spacing oil channels
• The height of the channels was 50 µm
• The droplets get slightly squeezed at the exact location of absorbance reading
• The wall between the sorted and waste channels contains apertures to allow oil flowing between the channels, reducing backpressure
• This flow of oil also allows to move droplet satellites back to the waste channel while keeping the sorted droplets in the good channel


Ladeveze et al, bioRxiv, 2022 https://www.biorxiv.org


  • AADS with backpressure stabilizer: png, dwg

  • Usage Notes

    • When using a spacing oil flow of 25-35 µL/min with a reinjection of droplets at 2-3 µL/min, we reached a sorting frequency up to 200Hz . SL