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• Device for electrosorting of droplets. Channel width is 40 μm.


Kintses B., Hein C, Mohamed MF, Fischlechner M, Courtois F, Lainé C, Hollfelder F, Chemistry & Biology 2012, Picoliter cell lysate assays in microfluidic droplet compartments for directed enzyme evolution, 19(8):1001-9.

Submitted by: Balint Kintses


  1. 15 μM: png, dxf, dwg

Usage Notes

Please enter any comments that other users may find useful below this note (such as flow rates that worked well for particular oil/aqueous phases). When providing usage notes please provide as much detail as useful. We would request that you 'sign' any comments with your initials.

35 μm droplets injected at 60 μL/h with oil at 2 x 400 μL/h allowed sorting at ~ 1 kHz. Illumination was provided by a laser beam focused on the channel with fluorescence detected using a photomultiplier that triggered sorting of positive droplets by application of a square pulse of 0.6-0.8 kV to the electrodes. SD