Dewikify Census

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A census of which sites are currently using the Dewikify script


Some people requested a subdomain and a page title which didn't match, so we had to hard-code redirects for them:

name / URL source page comments Synthetic_Biology Satya_Arjunan This person is still maintaining their page but let their domain name expire many years ago
biobarakken BioBarakken they requested this a few days ago - my first one. note the camelcase
beboard BE_Board
be109 BE.109
openwetware OpenWetWare
oww OpenWetWare
delong DeLong
sindenlab SindenLab
sinden SindenLab
icsb-sc ICSB-SC
imprs IMPRS
richardlab Richard_Lab
malooflab Maloof_Lab
collinslab Collins_Lab
lilab Li_Lab
crigenomics CRI_Genomics_Core
synberc SynBERC
bbf The_BioBricks_Foundation
weihe Wei_He
quintlab Quint_Lab
gautier Gautier_Lab
main Main_Page
harmerlab Harmer_Lab
farrelab Farre_Lab
aem AEM


This is a list of pages which have <wikionly> or <nonwikionly> tags. Generated like this:

echo "use owwdb; select distinct(p.page_title) from page p inner join revision r on p.page_latest = r.rev_id inner join text t on r.rev_text_id = t.old_id where t.old_text like '%wikionly%' order by p.page_title asc;" | mysql