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Anyone in the synthetic biology community is welcome to attend.

Wednesday November 14, 2007 at 11:00am EST

32-D463, MIT

Topic of discussion

Eli Groban - Engineering a controllable switch that guides chemotaxis in E. coli.

Groban ES, Clark RM, Eames MA, Clarke EJ, and Voigt CA.

We engineered a strain of E. coli to sense its environment and choose to chemotax towards one of two stimuli. The decision-making behavior is encoded by a genetic switch that controls the expression of two orthogonal chemonavigation systems. In the true spirit of SynBERC, we produced this strain by introducing multiple components both from the parts registry and from various biology labs across the country into a newly created chassis. Moreover, we will make both the chassis and the parts we created available for all SynBERC members and other research scientists.

Visit schedule

  • 11am - SBWG lunch, 32-D463
  • 12pm - quick tour of TK lab post-talk, 32-311
  • 12:45pm - Jason & Samantha, Endy lab, 68-564D
  • 2pm - Randy, Registry and iGEM, 32-314
  • 3pm - Neidi & Collin, Prather lab, 66-425
  • 4pm - Ken et al., E38-272
  • 7:30pm - dinner with a few SynBERC students, meet in lobby of building 68 (Main St. side)