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I completed my PhD in Systems Biology at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University in 2009. My thesis can be found here. I developed a stochastic particle simulation method, called Spatiocyte, with applications in bacterial division site placement control. I am also a member of the E-Cell Project. In the past, I have worked on protein secondary structure prediction and distributed parallel computing. I completed my MSc in Computer Science and BEng in Electronics Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

At present, I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the UNSW School of Medicine in Sydney and a Visiting Scientist at the RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center in Osaka.

Journal Publications

My Google Scholar page can be found here.

Books and Book Chapters


Satya Nanda Vel Arjunan
satya.arjunan@[].com [gmail]
Laboratory for Biochemical Simulation
RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center
OLABB, Osaka University
6-2-3, Furuedai, Suita
Osaka 565-0874, JAPAN
Phone: +81-6-6155-0111

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