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Anyone in the synthetic biology community is welcome to attend.

Tuesday April 17, 2007 at 12pm EST

Meet at 320 Charles St Cambridge, MA 02141 at 12pm

Topic of discussion

We will be taking a tour of the Broad Institute.


Currently most work in synthetic biology is done in research labs as ad hoc efforts. As the field progresses, certain aspects of the work will move to a more systematic, high throughput, production-scale effort. Similar to how folks use to sequence genes in their own labs but now most of the work is done in dedicated facilities. A few obvious areas where economies of scale might be realized are in assembly of standard biological parts (i.e. cloning pieces of DNA) and characterization of those parts (via flow cytometry, microscopy and whatnot).

Remote participation

Sory but it will be tough to arrange remote participation for the tour.