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COVID-19 UPDATE: 6/6/2020

Sample Submission:
- The process for sample submission will incorporate 1 key change for RR1. All services will be available, though some will be slightly delayed. We will be operating at a reduced staff for the immediate future as we will not be able to have our coop students on site, at least during RR1. To submit a sample, you will begin on iLabs as you typically do. Once you have submitted, BMC staff will reach out to schedule a zoom call to review your submission prior to sample drop off. If you do not hear from us within a few hours, please email to make sure we see the message. After we have reviewed your project, you will be free to bring the samples to the Center. If it is after hours or noone is on site, there will be a sample drop off location outside the BMC.

Walkup Usage:
- Due to the requirement for strict separation of core and non-core staff in RR1, There are significant changes in walk-up rules. You can find those here.

Informatics Usage:
- with the exception of poster printing, all bioinformatics and research computing services will continue.

External Users:
- As of now, plans for external users are not in place. If you have samples you can send by mail, that should still work, though a strict priority for MIT users will remain in place. If you need access to instrumentation on site, please check back with us in a few weeks.

- FY21 pricing will be in place with the beginning of RR1.

Welcome to the MIT BioMicro Center!

The BioMicro Center is functioning under reduced operations at this time. Critical information is located here for -ASSISTED SERVICES- . WALK UP INSTRUMENTS . NON-MIT USERS

The MIT BioMicro Center is an integrated genomics core facility that provides both expertise and equipment for systems biology. The core has significant resources in next generation sequencing and in high throughput screening as well as bioinformatics and BioIT. The Center is a joint endeavor between the Department of Biology, the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research (Genomics Core and Bioinformatics and Computing Core), the Department of Biological Engineering and the MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences (Genomics and Informatics Facilities Core).


The BioMicro Center

BMC Internal site

Sequencing Technologies

High Throughput

Illumina Library Services

Bioinformatics and BioIT

Other Services

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Ki small.jpg - Denotes services available through the KI Genomics Core in the High Throughput Facility located in 76-047 or in the KI Bioinformatics and Computing Core in 76-189 and are not directly part of the BioMicro Center.