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E220 Evolution

The Covaris E220 evolution sonicator is a multitube system developed for high performance sample preparation. The E220evolution is capable of processing a wide range of sample types and volumes and may be programed to process from 1 to 96 samples in a single batch. The E220 is most appropriate <5ug clean DNA in 130ul (microTUBE-130) or 20-120 mg tissue mass in 1.0 ml (milliTUBE-1). Using adaptive focused acoustic energy, the E220 utilizing a spherical acoustic transducer, and delivers controlled energy precisely and accurately to sample volumes from 25 μl to 10 ml. The main applications are shearing of DNA, RNA, and chromatin but it can also perform tissue homogenization for cell lysis and drug delivery and formulation.

DNA or Chromatin, FFPE etc., protocols for optimizing the sonication time for next generation sequencing can be found on the company's website: Covaris

The manual can be found here: E220 evolution.
Covaris E220 Evolution
Water Chiller Unit
Water Filtering Unit
Instrument Covaris E220 evolution
UNIT Per hour, Per Tube
FORMAT Accepts covaris tubes and plates.
Single point sonication only.
CONSUMABLES Many Covaris tubes are available to sign out in the BioMicro Center.
SIGNUP ilabs
NEW USERS New users should request training by emailing
DONATED BY Dept of Biology.
Upgrade by Prof Manolis Kellis.
Tube Type Input/volume batch size Available at BMC?
microTUBE-130 5ug/130ul 1-96 Yes
microTUBE plate, strip, or crimp cap 5ug/130ul 1-96 Bring your own
milliTUBE-1mL Chromatin/Tissue 120mg/1ml 1-24 Yes
microTUBE-500 truXTRAC® FFPE RNA 1-24 Yes
Currently unavailable platforms
microTUBE15, miniTUBE
If you want to use one of these - let us know


Two types of maintenance after Covaris use:
Case#1. Covaris was connected to working water-filtering unit;
Case#2. Covaris was not connected to water-filtering unit (hosing is taken off, water-filtering unit is switched "OFF".

Maintenance Case#1(usually, water-filtering is set up for multiple Covaris usage, degas-ready for all subsequent runs, after the 1st)

After your run is finished - a pop-up alert will appear on the computer screen.
(1)-Click "OK", then
(2) click "Load" button to move the holder to "Load" position,
(3) take the rack containing your samples out of COVARIS chamber,
(4) close the chamber,
(5) switch off the chiller unit (underneath the Covaris)
(6) click "Service" button to raise the Sample Holder and Acoustic Assembly above the water bath. Degas pump will stop.
(7) Quit COVARIS software, check that the tubing connectors of COVARIS (front panel) to water-filtering unit (front panel) are not leaking any water,
(8) clean the area around the machine, wipe off any water spills.
(9) Optional: turn the Covaris "OFF" (switch is on the right side of the machine), - lights inside the machine will go off,- after you press the switch.
(10)Optional: Switch the water-filtering unit "ON"(right side of the Covaris Instrument)

Maintenance Case#2
If you used Covaris without connection to Water-Filtering Unit - you must empty water bath after use.

(A) Follow the instructions for Case#1 to the step (6)("Sevice Position"). It raises the acoustic assembly above water bath and enables it;' removal
(B) Gently and carefully pull out (towards you) the plexiglass bath of Covaris (currently filled with water) - and empty it into the sink, then - reinstall the bath.
(C) re-install the empty bath, click "load position": the acoustic assembly will go down
(D) temporarily, for few seconds, switch the degas pump "ON": it will purge some extra water out into the bath - and stop. If not stopped in 10s - click "degas OFF"
(E) Quit the Covaris software and turn off the Covaris machine (upper-right side button. Make sure the Chiller Unit and Filtering unit are OFF. Cleanup any spills

The Covaris service is now complete.


R230 Focused ultrasonicator 1.0 (not pictured: eBox and WCS 3.0)
R230 Focused ultrasonicator 1.0 (not pictured: eBox and WCS 3.0)
Instrument Covaris R230
UNIT Per hour, Per Plate
FORMAT Accepts 96 well Covaris plates
Standard or scanning mode
CONSUMABLES Covaris plates can be purchased from Covaris or through the BMC.
SIGNUP ilabs
NEW USERS New users should request training by emailing
FUNDED BY NIH Grant R24-OD035444

The Covaris R230 is fitted for 96 AFA-TUBE® TPX Plates. Both RNA and DNA have been sheared with similar programs to the ones found on the E220 Evolution at maximum input 5 ug 20-50 uL per well in the sonication by column mode. With this column sonication mode, an entire 96 well plate can be sonicated 10x faster in the R230 versus the E220. A scanning mode exists but has not been tested yet. There are accessories to utilize both 8-well strips and 384 well plates, but these accessories have not been acquired.