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The BioMicro Center supports a broad set of computational services for CORE members including hardware, software and informatic support.


Informatics Team

A critical aspect of providing our users with genomic data is providing our users with the bioinformatics support to interpret their data readily and to assist them in analyzing data for publications and grants. To accomplish this, the BioMicro Center has a team of informatics scientists on staff able to assist labs with experience in a broad number of methodologies. Bioinformatics consultations are available by appointment for MIT scientists affiliated with MIT CEHS or the departments of Biology and Biological Engineering. Bioinformatic projects are undertaken by the BioMicro Center on a collaborative basis. Prices for Bioinformatics support are available.

If you are looking for informatics support, the easiest way to begin is with an email to with a brief description of your experiment. One of the members of our informatics staff will reach out to you to schedule a one on one meeting. This meeting is free for CORE lab members. Once an experimental plan is approved we will begin work on your project, checking in with you at regular intervals to be sure the project is on track. The project can be paused at any time by the researcher.

More information about bioinformatics support through the BioMicro Center is available HERE.


The BioMicro Center collaborates with the Koch Institute Bioinformatics Computing Core and the MIT Libraries to support a number of bioinformatics tools that are available for members of the MIT community. Generally these break down into software packages from companies, either for secondary analysis of assays or for tertiary annotation, or informatics tools installed on our computing environment. Please check out the Software page for more informaiton


The BioMicro Center supports a computing environment tailored to support the research needs of the life sciences community at MIT, focused on supporting genomics and related mutliomic analyses. This environment provides the necessary computing infrastructure for the systems biology technologies in the core as well as for laboratories in the life sciences.

Key features tailoring the system to life sciences researchers:
- data allocations by lab, not by user, ensuring persistence
- data redundancy through multiple backups
- data access through mountable drives on windows, mac, and linux.
- separate computing environment with genomics and related analytical software pre-installed
- backend connections available direct to high-data output utilization minimizing network impact
- high-RAM nodes required for complex mutliomic analysis.
The BioMicroCenter system is currently used by over 40 laboratories with over 600 users.

Charges for the equipment are billed on an annual basis.