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Varioskan Flash

Instrument ThermoFisher Varioskan Flash
UNIT Per hour in 10' increments
FORMAT 96w/384w
  • 6-1536w
  • Excite: 200-1000nm
  • Emission: 270-840nm
  • Sensitivity: <0.4fmol fluorescein/w
  • Dynamic Range: >6 decades
  • 6-384w spectral scan
  • 360-670nm
  • 270-840nm spectral scan
  • Sensitivity: < amol ATP/w
  • Dynamic Range: >7 decades
  • 6-384w
  • Wavelength: 200-1000nm
  • Sensitivity: 0.003Abs +/-2%
  • Dynamic Range: 0-4Abs @450nm
SIGNUP ilabs
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DONATED BY Prof. Jeroen Saeij.

The Thermo Scientific Varioskan Flash Spectral Scanning Multimode Reader is a highly flexible plate reader capable of handling fluorometric (excitation/emission), luminometric (emission) and photometric (absorbance) measurements in 96+ well format employing a monochromator. The Varioskan can handle a broad range of applications from reporter assays to FRET. The Varioskan is equipped with three on board fluid dispensers, incubator and shaker to allow for real time assays. Coupled with the Tecan EVO, the Varioskan should allow major improvements in high throughput experiment design. Currently the Varioskan is located in 68-322.

The Varioskan supports:

  • 3 onboard liquid dispensers
  • 1ul – 10ml dispensing volumes
  • Temperature control from ambient + 20C – 45C
  • On board orbital shaker

The Varioskan is used routinely in the BioMicro Center to measure the concentration of Illumina libraries using SYBR green. The Varioskan Flash can also be used to measure concentrations of oligos from Dr.Oligo.

Suggested Assays:

  • Apoptosis assays
  • Ca2+ flux assays
  • Cell proliferation
  • Cellular assays
  • Cytotoxicity and ADMETox
  • DNA concentration
  • Enzyme kinetic studies
  • Europium assays
  • FRET assays
  • TR-FRET assays
  • BRET assays
  • GPCR assays
  • Ion channel assays
  • Kinase assays
  • Multilabel assays
  • Reporter gene assays
  • Signal transduction
  • Tryptophan and tyrosine UV fluorescence


Synergy H1

Instrument Agilent Synergy H1 SH1MF
UNIT Per hour in 10' increments
FORMAT 6w to 384w plates (128 x 86 mm)
General modes
  • 5-20W Xenon flash light source
  • Monochromator (1 nm): 230-999 nm
  • Filters and Mirrors available for 200-850 nm
  • 18-40 C 10-85% humidity operational
SIGNUP ilabs
NEW USERS New users should request training by emailing
DONATED BY Prof. Gene-Wei Li

The Agilent Synergy H1 is a hybrid multi-mode microplate reader. This model handles all applications which the Varioskan Flash can handle with minor differences in spectral coverage. There is also an option to use a filter cube versus the monochromator while the Flash relies only upon a monochromator. The H1 incubator and orbital shaker provide the same capabilities as the Flash. This model does not have dispensers.

Potential applications not found with the Flash:

  • Fluorescence Polarization (with appropriate filter cube)
  • Filtered Excitation/Detection
  • Use outside of the Center

The Synergy H1 is used routinely in the BioMicro Center to qualitatively evaluate and quantify total RNA samples. Using the Synergy H1 Take3 Trio reusable plate module, 48 2 uL samples of DNA or RNA can be submitted to UV-vis measurements (similar to Nanodrop). This reader is located on a cart in 68-322 and can be signed out for use outside of the BMC--please do signup for outside use a week in advance, since other users need to be able to plan their experiments.