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The BioMicro Center has expanded the Technology Seminar Series to include more cores from around campus. Companies are invited to send their scientists to speak with us for 30 minutes beginning at 12 Noon followed by Q&A. Please see the seminar schedule below.


Company Date Room Speaker Title Sponsor
DNA Script Sep 28 68-121 Benoit Derrien Advancing Access to DNA in the Lab with Overnight Benchtop DNA Synthesis BioMicro
Element Biosciences Aug 1 68-181 Michael Previte Introducing the Element Biosciences AVITI Sequencer at MIT BioMicro
Singular Genomics Apr 20 68-181 Jordan Williams Singular G4 Sequencing Platform Introduction BioMicro
10X Genomics Mar 16 68-181 Nicole Eckert Unlocking new sample types and increasing throughput for single cell gene expression analysis BioMicro
DNA Script Feb 16 68-181 Sam Stingley Enzymatic DNA Synthesis: The Basis for Benchtop DNA Synthesis on the SYNTAX System BioMicro
Dolomite Jan 5, 10, 13 various Richard Gray Microfluidics Methods Development BioMicro


Company Date Room Speaker Title Sponsor
PerkinElmer Nov 16 68-181 Alex Lopez Chemagic 360: The Highly-Flexible Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform BioMicro
Dolomite Bio Sep 28 68-181 Alita Zabrecky Innovating Single Cell Workflows with Nadia + Innovate BioMicro
QIAGEN Jul 13 68-181 John Chuckalovcak QIAcuity: Overview and Applications of a Rapid and Simplified Digital PCR Workflow BioMicro
Oxford Nanopore Jun 22 68-181 Heather Stark & Edward Sawicki Any Length Sequencing: An Overview of Nanopore Sequencing, Applications & Recent Advancements BioMicro


Company Date Room Speaker Title Sponsor
Illumina Oct 21 68-181 Ryan Hegarty Enabling Multiomic Applications with the NovaSeq6000 BioMicro


Company Date Room Speaker Title Sponsor
SPT Labtech Jan 16 76-156a Dr. Klaus Hentrich NGS Workflow Miniaturisation with Low-Volume Liquid Handlers BioMicro


Company Date Room Speaker Title Sponsor
10X Genomics Oct 29 60-180 Kasandra Burgos 10x Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solutions BioMicro


Company Date Room Speaker Title Sponsor
Covaris Jan 11 76-156 David Dow Covaris E220: New Applications and Solutions BioMicro
Intellicyt Feb 28 68-181 Josh Nelson TBA KI HTS