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** All users must be trained before being allowed to use the Tecans **
The BioMicro Center currently hosts three automated liquid handlers: two Tecan Freedom EVO 150s and one SPT Labtech Mosquito HV. One EVO is optimized for cherry picking applications while the other is optimized for sample processing and assay set-up. The Tecans and Mosquito in the BioMicro Center are available to MIT researchers for use in their research. The Tecans may be used for BL1 work but are not set up for doing work on tissue culture or other samples requiring sterile environments. For users requiring higher throughput or BL2/BL2+ a new High-Throughput core has been developed by the Koch Institute.

The Tecans are offered as a walk up service or as an assisted service. Due to the steep learning curves on the robots, we strongly encourage users to allow BMC staff to assist them in automating protocols and programming the instruments and then simply execute the programs as a walk up. Machine downtime is extremely limited and there is minimal time for practice runs.


Instrument Tecan EVO 150
USAGE Walkup - MIT only
Approval Required
UNIT Per hour + Consumables
  • LiHa span4 (2µL-200µL)
  • MCA96 (50µL/200µL tips)
  • 1 fixed tip washer
  • 6 15ml tube carriers
  • 3 temperature controlled SBS carriers
  • 24 non-temperature controlled SBS carriers
  • 4 racks for 1.5ml tubes (24 each)
  • UV light for decontamination
NEW USERS New users should request training by emailing the BioMicro Center team.
DONATED BY Department of Biology

"Johnny5" or "J5" is the BioMicro Center robot optimized for cherry picking. It is a highly-versatile device equipped with a four-channel liquid handling arm (LiHa) and a 96-channel pipette arm (MCA96). The instrument supports a wide variety of fluid transfer operations for all sizes of microplates as well as 150mm dishes and can perform operations including reagent addition, continuous reagent dispensing, sample transfer, plate replication, plate-to-plate transfer, serial dilutions, and within-well mixing. The EVO can accurately handle volumes between 2 and 200 µl and has the ability to perform virtually any routine liquid transfer, replacing manual pipetting.

J5 is used by the BioMicro Center primarily for plate normalization as part of high-throughput library production. Users should plan experiments in advance to coordinate usage with BMC staff.

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Instrument Tecan EVO 150
USAGE Walkup - MIT only
Approval Required
UNIT Per hour + Consumables
  • MCA96 (50µL/200µL tips)
  • RoMa (Robotic Manipulator)
  • 1 rack for 2 stacks of nested tips with chute
  • 3 temperature controlled SBS format positions on one carrier.
  • 16 SBS format positions on 4 carrier
  • Vortexer (Te-Shake)
  • 4 on deck racks for short plates
  • Shaking Incubator
  • 4 Stackers (TeStack)
  • Alpaqua 96-well Magnets
  • 384-well Magnets
NEW USERS New users should request training by emailing the BioMicro Center team.

"B9" is the BioMicro Center EVO150 optimized for nucleic acid cleans and quantification assays. B9 has a 96-channel pipette arm (MCA96) and a robotic manipulator (RoMa) arm for moving plates around the deck. This instrument supports a broad range of fluid transfer operations including reagent addition, sample transfer, plate-to-plate transfer, serial dilutions, and within-well mixing. This robot contains a waste chute and 4 plate stackers which combined with the RoMa arm can be used to add or remove plates makes B9 a highly dynamic automation platform. B9 was donated to the BioMicro Center by Dr. Wendy Gilbert through a shared instrumentation grant from the NIH.

B9 is regularly used by the BioMicro Center for nucleic acid cleans, SYBR and qPCR assay setup, and Illumina Library preparation.

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Instrument Mosquito HV
USAGE Not available as a walkup service
UNIT Included in high-throughput library preparation
ARMS 8-tip disposable (0.2µL - 5µL)
  • 5 SBS positions
  • Humidifying chamber
SCHEDULE USAGE Contact Austin Hendricks for special requests
DONATED BY SPT Labtech (on loan)

The SPT Labtech Mosquito HV is a critical instrument in the BioMicro Center's goal of automated high-throughput library production. The accurate low volume pipetting offered by this liquid handler has allowed for miniaturization of a number of protocols. While the instrument does not provide a 'walk away' level of automation, programming the Mosquito is significantly easier than the Tecans and prototyping methods is much more rapid.

The Mosquito is used in all HTL protocols in the BioMicro Center.