AVM BIOL368 Week 2

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Molecular Biology


The purpose of this assignment was to find an amino acid sequence that corresponded with a true breeding purple flower.

Method and Results

  1. Click on the tab in Aipotu labeled "Molecular Biology"
  2. Under "Greenhouse" choose flower Green-2, note that one allele is gene and the other is yellow.
  3. Click the tab "Compare" and choose "Upper vs. Lower", the results are pictured below.

Green flower #2 Comparison

  1. Repeat the compare tab for the Green-1, Red and White flowers. Results of changes in sequences pictured below.

Green flower #1 Comparison Red flower Comparison White flower #1 Comparison

  1. Compare two different White Flowers (not all white alleles have the same DNA sequence). Results below.

White flower #1 Comparison White Flower #2 Comparison

  1. Make the protein: MLVKEIAMYRFATHER and click "Fold Protein"
    • Note that this creates a purple flower
  2. Click "Enter New DNA" in the lower gene window and repeat the same sequence
  • Results pictured below

True-breeding Purple Flower

  1. Compare the upper and lower sequences for the purple flower to prove that it is pure-breeding. Results below.

Purple flower Comparison

Scientific Conclusions

  • It was found that the starting flowers: Green-1, Green-2, Red and White all had the amino acid sequence beginning with: MetSerAsnArgHisIleLeuLeuVal. Each sequence varied there after.
  • The true-breeding purple flower had the amino acid sequence of N-MetLeuValLysGluIleAlaMetTyrArgPheAlaThrHisGluArg-C which varied quite a bit more than the other colors.
  • It was also noted that there was the ability to breed flowers with the colors yellow, orange, black and blue as well.
  • It was found that mutations occurred in the DNA sequences of many of the white flowers and if the promoter and terminator sequences were affected.


  • Worked in collaboration with Isai_Lopez and Matthew Oki
  • Template followed from week 2 assignment BIOL368/F16
  • We had help from our professor, Dr. Dahlquist in class as well to complete this assignment.
  • Collaborated with Biochemistry group member Mia Huddleston while determining the amino acid sequence

Note: While I worked with the people noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source.

Avery Vernon-Moore 01:13, 7 September 2016 (EDT)


  • Website used: Aipotu
    • All images and information were created using the Aipotu application

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