AVM BIOL368 Week 5

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  • To find research/papers for research assignment and generate an annotated bibliography (3 primary and 1 review article) based off of them. After completion we will also work on our group projects and start to research/ create our powerpoint.
    • We also presented our research topic ideas to the class to help finalize and refine them.

Methods and Results

Refer to attached word document in the data and files section

Data and Files

Week 5 Journal


Refer to attached word document in the data and files section

Brief Research Outline

  • Determine final subjects to use from the study
  • Rerank subjects based on viral load values
  • Possibly calculate a P value
  • Use Biology Workbench to determine theta and the S value
    • Use these values to determine diversity among the subjects used
  • Generate phylogenetic trees to back up any evidence on how subjects should be classified
  • Create new tables and graphs from this data
  • Create a powerpoint


  • Special thanks to Glenn Johnson-Grau, the LMU Acquisitions & Collection Development Librarian for his help with the annotated bibliographies.
  • Worked in collaboration with Courtney L. Merriam in class.
  • Template followed from hard-copy protocol as well as our week 5 assignment BIOL368/F16
  • Help from our professor, Dr. Dahlquist in class.
  • Note: While I worked with the people noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source.


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