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Orientation 1 Tue Mar 30 No Lab essentials Lecture Notes
DNA Engineering 2 Thur Apr 1 Yes Mystery! Lecture Notes
DNA Engineering 3 Tues Apr 6 Yes Revealed Lecture Notes
DNA Engineering 4 Thurs Apr 8 Yes Ligate, ZAP!, plate Lecture Notes
DNA Engineering 5 Tues Apr 13 Yes Validation Kosh- & Isis-led discussion
Device Engineering 6 Thurs Apr 15 Yes Arsenic Drew@blackboard introducing functional composition; comic
Device Engineering 7 Tues Apr 20 Yes Arsenic! Drew@blackboard w/ more on functional composition; Research paper showing how to indirectly measure PoPS (see the supplement)
Device Engineering 8 Thurs Apr 22 Yes (work to build arsenic sensing construct) Lecture notes (finding the PoPS boundaries)
Device Design 9 Tues Apr 27 Yes What to measure? Introduction to choosing a pollutant slides
DNA Design 10 Thurs Apr 29 Yes Design your DNA Lectures notes (DNA synthesis)
DNA Design & Order 11 Tues May 4 Yes Orders Away! (discussion of Joy/Kurweil & Sharp editorials)
Meanwhile... 12 Thurs May 6 Yes Moss and Arsenic (no lecture notes, introducing teams moss & arsenic)
Meanwhile... 13 Tues May 11 Yes Making ready!(moss & arsenic teams) Lectures notes (Property Rights)
Meanwhile... 14 Thurs May 13 Yes Making ready! (moss & arsenic teams) (research paper presentations)
Baking... 15 Tues May 18 Yes RBS design (ad hoc class)
Assembly & Testing, Day 1 16 Thurs May 20 Yes Project Building (in class discussion of today's Gibson et al. paper; URL)
Assembly & Testing, Day 2 17 Tues May 25 Yes Continue Building <notes>
Assembly & Testing, Day 3 18 Thurs May 27 Yes Testing day 3 <notes>
Wrap up 18 Tuesday June 1 Yes Lab wrap up <notes>