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Issue 2: Making With Mushrooms

STARRING: Shroomy, Xochitl, and Jack

  • 17 May 2022 initial release (Chapter 1) with four additional chapters to follow.
  • Download B&W draft of Chapter 1, first half: Ch.1a PDF, second half: Ch.1b PDF (English).
  • Download B&W draft of Chapter 2, first half: Ch.2a PDF, second half: Ch.2b PDF (English).
  • Download B&W draft of Chapter 3: Ch.3 PDF (English).
  • Download B&W draft of Chapter 4: Ch.4 PDF (English).

Issue 1: Programming DNA, Genetic Devices, & Common Signal Carriers

STARRING: Bacteria Buddy, Device Dude, and System Sally

  • 24 November 2005 release.
  • Flash version care of Nature.
  • Download the full PDF (English).
    • Download the full Chinese translation (translation thanks to Henry Chen of PKU & Lingchong You of Duke!)
    • Download the full Spanish translation (translation thanks to Meagan Lizarazo of MIT!)
    • Download the full French translation (translation thanks to Stefan Nussbaum of Forum Genforschung, Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz)
    • Download the full German translation (translation thanks to Stefan Nussbaum, as above)
    • Download the full Portuguese translation (translation thanks to Nathan Vinicius Ribeiro)
  • Comic-o-genesis background.
  • To request a free color comic book-style reprint please download one of the .PDFs above and print it out yourself!
  • NOTE REGARDING COPYRIGHT: Issue 1 of the Adventures in Synthetic Biology Comic Book is available via a Creative Commons Attribution, Share-Alike, Non-Commercial license. You do not need to ask for permission to use the work under this license. More information is readily available via the Creative Commons and other websites. Nature Publishing Group does not hold copyright on the work.


  • Brainstorming <-- ancient, but feel free to add whatever ideas you want
    • Intro to CRISPR
    • Gene drives & malaria resistant engineered mosquitoes
    • GM animals (salmon, pigs, etc)
    • DIYBio & Citizen Science labs
    • Device dude 10 years later having been through iGEM & Synbio Ph.D.