Stanford/BIOE44:Module 4:Day3

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M4: Day 3 - Making (more) Ready!

If you need parts

New parts ordering procedure: Please fill in this google doc with the information on the parts you need. In case there is overlap on the parts different groups need, there is a column for "other groups that need this part." Please fill this column in so we know how much of each part we need to make.

Moss Group

To do list for Thursday:

  1. Grind up and plate moss.
  2. Make liquid BCD media with mannitol.
  3. Work on moss data sheet.

Moss Datasheet

Moss Datasheet

Things to think about:

  • uses and advantages of this organism
  • culture methods/procedures
  • status of genetic engineering tools (genetically tractable? transformation procedure? parts available?)
  • important references