Stanford/BIOE44:Module 3:Day2

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M3: Day 2 - Orders Away!


OK. No quiz today. Instead, for next time, please read the following two editorials and be ready to share your thoughts about what the world should do:
(1) 1918 Flu and Responsible Science by SHARP
(2) Recipe for Destruction by KURZWEIL & JOY

What you need to do?

  1. Create a new OWW page and generate a datasheet about your new part. It should include:
    • Long description
      • Function
      • components
      • source
    • Short description (like a 2 sentence summary of above)
    • Refined sequence with refinement notes
    • References
    • Sequence sources
    • It might help to look at what information is included on a part page in the registry and try to do something like that.
  2. Create an account on the parts registry. Eventually you will move your datasheet there.

Group Pages

Part Name Function Group
Atrazine sensor Claire, Frank and Sanjay
Nitrate Sensor Scott and Travis
Toluene Sensor Alex and Sunny
Nitrate Sensor II Aaditya and Daniel
Novel Mercury sensor To sense inorganic mercury Hg(II) dissolved in water Chris and Karina