Stanford/BIOE44:Module 3:Day3

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Identify an environmental pollutant and design an engineered DNA part(s) that might be used to detect your chosen pollutant. Note that you will almost certainly base your DNA parts on natural sequences.

Designer DNA Parts

Part Name Function Group STATUS
Atrazine sensor To sense cyanuric acid, a product of atrazine digestion Claire, Frank and Sanjay UPLOADED & CONFIRMED, ORDERED
Nitrate Sensor To sense nitrate at concentrations up to 100 ppm Scott and Travis UPLOADED & CONFIRMED, ORDERED
Toluene Sensor To sense toluene, a major pollutant of ground water. Alex and Sunny UPLOADED & CONFIRMED, ORDERED
Nitrate Sensor II To detect nitrate through an aerobically functional FNR mutant gene Aaditya and Daniel UPLOADED & CONFIRMED, ORDERED
Novel Mercury sensor To sense inorganic mercury Hg(II) dissolved in water Chris and Karina UPLOADED & CONFIRMED, ORDERED

Tools You Found Useful

Tool Function URL
Biology Workbench Alignment click here
Nucleotide BLAST Alignment link
BCM Search Launcher: Gene Feature Searches Prokaryotic Promoter Predictions
Sequence Massager Manipulating DNA sequences
DNA Translator Translate DNA to amino acid sequence