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M1: Day 6 - Arsenic!

How to find and get parts

  1. Search the parts registry.
  2. When you find a part you want, click on the "get this part" link located on the right.
  3. If the part is in the 2009 or 2007 distribution, we should have it (but there is a small chance we won't if it has already been used).
  4. Send an email to Isis with the following information. All of this info is listed on the 'Get Part' page!:
    • Part number
    • Distribution (ex. Spring 2007)
    • Plate number
    • Well number
    • Antibiotic resistance
  5. Isis will send you a confirmation email containing which parts are available to you.
  6. Isis will transform the parts into E. coli. You will receive a plate with colonies on it. This means it will take at least a day to get your parts.

Some interesting results for those doing a colony PCR

AnotatedAdministrator 2010-04-20 00hr 39min.jpg

1% and 0.8% agarose (90V)

What can you gather from this gel?

Summary of Procedures

  1. Colony PCR, arsR biobrick primers, MG1655
  2. PCR Cleanup Qiagen
  3. Digestion with EcoRi and SpeI
  4. Method A: PCR Cleanup Kit only
  5. Method B: PCR Cleanup Kit + Gel Extraction