Stanford/BIOE44:Module 1

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Module 1: DNA Engineering


In this module you'll learn the basics of standard assembly using BioBricks. Specifically we will be working with the color generators built by the Cambridge 2009 iGEM team.


You will be given a culture of E. coli harboring a plasmid with one of the color generator gene cassettes. We will take the cassette from this plasmid and put it under the control of an inducible promoter. Then we will characterize the behavior of these new composite parts by making a transfer curve. To do this we will grow the cultures in a range of inducer concentrations then measure the output – in this case the production of pigment. Through this exercise we'll practice important laboratory skills that you will use in later modules.


Day 1 (April 1): Plasmid extraction and restriction digest

Day 2 (April 6): Gel extraction and ligation

Day 3 (April 8): Competent Cell Prep and Transformation

Day 4 (April 13): Transfer Curves

Day 5 (April 15): Arsenic?

Day 6 (April 20): Arsenic!