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Pea Database Collaboration Project

A diversity of peas. Top row, left to right: Corne de Belier, Salmon-Flowered, Ne Plus Ultra. Middle row: Golden Sweet, Magnum Bonum, Kent Blue. Bottom row: Champion of England, Carruthers' Purple Podded, Alderman. Photo by Rebsie Fairholm.



This wiki page is meant to be the result of a wide collaboration to record phenotypic (and presumed genotypic) information and photos to record valuable information in a comprehensive pea database of useful and rare pea varieties. A Collaboration from the Alan Bishop Homegrown Goodness Plant Breeding Forum. Thanks to all who have helped and contributed! The Open Source Seed Initiative Plant Breeding Forum (OSSI) forum may also be interested in this, as it is a newer forum meant to replace the old Alan Bishop HG forum. A backup of this Pea Database Collaboration Project (hopefully) will be maintained by Andrew on his website

Note:This page under active development and i am working on restoring the page backups and photos i have. New varieties and corrections can be being added daily. But since this is meant to be a community driven database, feel free to create an account and start adding to the wiki. I really don't mind.

Pea Varieties by Phenotype

Pea Varieties by Edibility

Pea Genetics Repository

Cross Breeding Peas

Example Pea Page

Pea Varieties By Phenotype

Pea Varieties may show up in more than one category.

Dwarf Peas

  • Desiree Dwarf Blauwschokkers
  • Laxton Progress
  • Lincoln
  • Little Marvel

Extra Dwarf

Grey Peas

Hyper-Tendril / Semi-Leafless

Large Podded

Like massive pods!

Orange Pod

Parsley Leaf Types

Purple Podded

Red Podded



Yellow Podded

Varieties by Edibility

Snow Pea / Mangetout

Snap Pea / Mangetout


  • Alderman
  • Early Frosty
  • Green Arrow
  • Laxton Progress
  • Lincoln
  • Little Marvel
  • Maestro
  • Victory Freezer
  • Wando

Soup / Greypeas / Marrowfat

Types used for Edible Foliage