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Colorado Red

  • Alternative Name(s): Andrew's Red-Podded Pea, Andrew's Red-Pod, Joseph's Red-Podded, Red Snap
  • Crop: Snap Pea (half-snap?)
  • Latin name: Pisum sativum
  • Origin: Crossed in Utah, USA by Joseph Lofthouse. Furthur Selected / Bred by Andrew Barney in Loveland, Colorado, USA.
  • Pod Color: Red. (Purple over top, yellow base)
  • Colour of Ripe Pod: pale purple, light red
  • Seeds: barrel shape
  • Flowers: wild type. standard bi-colored purple.
  • Traits & Loci: recessive [gp] and Dominant [PU], [PUR], and [A].
  • Linkage Group: Chromosome 5 and ...
  • JIC Genotype:
  • Vine Height: 3-5 ft
  • Hardness:
  • Notable Traits: Tendrils show yellow color early on
  • Maturity: Early
  • Genebank Accessions: NA
  • Known Supplier(s): Being Trialed by FEDCO SEEDS in spring 2019. Andrew Barney.





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