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Sugar Magnolia, the first purple podded snap pea

Sugar Magnolia

Basic Information

  • Alternative Names: none.
  • Crop Type: Snap (edible podded)
  • Latin name: Pisum sativum L. 'Sugar Magnolia'
  • Vine Height: 6-8 ft (2m)
  • Pod Color: Purple
  • Flowers: Bicolor purple
  • Origin: Bred by Alan Kapuler (Peace Seeds)
  • Linkage Group:
  • Traits & Loci: Hyper-tendril (aka. Semi-Leafless), purple podded, snap pea
  • JIC Geneotype:
  • Hardiness: Easier to grow than other Snap Pea varieties
  • Notable Traits: Hyper-tendril (aka. Semi-Leafless), purple podded, snap pea
  • Time to Maturity: Pick pods early as they tend to get tough with age
  • Approx. Growing Degree Days (GDD):
  • Known Supplier(s): [Adaptive Seeds], [Baker Creek], [Botanical Interests], [Burpee], [Log House Plants], Peace Seeds, [Peace Seedlings] [Pinetree Garden Seeds], [RH Shumway], [Territorial] and others (as of 2018)


The first puple-podded snap pea, a product of 15 years of breeding. As described by Dr. Alan Kapuler (the breeder): "Unexpectedly, the cross of a Parsley Bush Pea with a Purple Podded Snap Vine Pea generated the hypertendril trait. Hypertendrils are very distinctive, they hold a population of peas together, a useful self-supporting characteristic." (source: )

Hyper-Tendril is also known as Semi-Leafless.

Flowers and "Tendrils"

Garden-Pea-Tendril-Pea-Sugar-Magnolia-LSS-000 6459.jpg Sugar-Magnolia.jpg
Pea-sugar-Magnolia--Tendril-Pea-SN121-LSS--(4).jpg Sugar-magnolia-purple-snap-pea-flower.jpg


19557 9659 large.jpg
Pea sugar magnolia2-520x416.jpg


-TM- Sugar Magnolia Seed.jpg

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