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Mighty Midget

Mighty Midget1.jpg
Mighty Midget2.jpg
  • UDSA GRIN: PI 635173
  • Donated from: Minnesota, United States
  • Improvement status: Cultivar
  • Vine Height: Extra Dwarf! (or Super Dwarf)
  • Pods: Green, short
  • Seeds: Large, Green, dimpled
  • Seeds per pod: 6
  • Pod Apex: Pointed
  • Peducle length: 16.7
  • Node Number to First Flower: [ Node 9 | Node 11 ]
  • Flower Color: White


Extra early Laxton type. 3-1/2 pods on extra dwarf 6" vines. Prolific. Used for home garden. Cultivated.


  • Generally grows from between 1"-4" tall for me on average. Very Large Leaves. Large green dimpled seeds. Shelling type. Nice flavor. I like it better than 'Tom Thumb'. I used this pea as a parent in breeding with 'Purple Passion' as this pea has nice thick robust stem genetics and large leaves. Review by Andrew. Worth growing and saving. Could be improved upon. Has potential for container gardening, indoor gardening, and/or growing on the international space station and/or Mars or being used as breeding stock for such purposes.

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