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Roma Original GSC15 (red) Golden Sweet x Carruthers' Purple Podded F3 2008 light brown, matte, faint purple speckles, flat ends all tall, yellow tipped, some have strong red blushes maroon/pink deep crimson, some yellows LeLe, Aa, gpgp

2981235338 f4a9024bdd o.jpg 2981235436 7fd7bb9ec9 o.jpg 2980379829 ee2e8a387b o.jpg 2983743119 852067e84d o.jpg 2984601276 008e8b9f47 o.jpg

4340715167 fc2e60ff9c z.jpg 4341465128 46a5899b0e z.jpg 4341465990 b200b03400 z.jpg 4340724889 e1d7a74fbd z.jpg 4341468152 39fb6f9009 z.jpg 4340725891 2510dd78d3 z.jpg 4340726447 8496952588 z.jpg

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