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Golden Sweet Pink Flowered

  • Crop Snow Pea
  • Latin name Pisum sativum
  • Origin Discovered in a population of Golden Sweet
  • Pod Color Yellow
  • Colour of Ripe Pod pale yellow, semi-translucent
  • Seeds round, smooth, solid tan to redish-brown.
  • Flowers Two tone pink. do not completely open.
  • Traits & Loci
  • Linkage Group
  • Vine Height 3-4 ft
  • Hardness Tolerant of cold and heat
  • Notable Traits pink axil rings
  • Maturity Early
  • Genebank Accessions
  • Known Supplier(s)


Edible podded pea with yellow pods



-TM- Golden Sweet Pink Flowered01.jpeg -TM- Golden Sweet Pink Flowered02.jpeg -TM- Golden Sweet Pink Flowered03.jpeg -TM- Golden Sweet Pink Flowered04.jpeg



-TM- Golden Sweet Pink Flowered Seed.jpg

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